Our Services

At The Paper Predator, we strive to provide the most reliable, secure document destruction process available.  We offer the services to help you securely and efficiently remove unwanted and unnecessary documents.

Our Services Include............

Secure Document Shredding
Regularly Scheduled Pickups

The Paper Predator knows that each job is unique.  To best meet our clients requirements, we provide regularly scheduled pickups for your ongoing shredding needs.  We provide locked security containers at no charge to collect your confidential material between pickups.  we use either a secure collection executive console or a secure collection cartIf you are unsure how many containers are needed, we will make recommendations based upon the information you provide for us.  We can then adjust the number and size of containers, and the frequency of service based upon your needs.

On-Site Shredding

If you require the highest security shredding available, we offer our on-site paper shredding service.  Your documents are shredded immediately at your facility, while you watch.  Confidential materials are picked up from our client's locked containers.  our certified drivers place them in a large, locked container.  They are transported directly to our shredding truck.  With the aid of a hydraulic lift, the container is raised into the shredder and materials are destroyed within minutes.  Our shredding trucks are equipped with a camera and video monitor system to allow our driver and client to verify that all confidential information has been shredded.  We remove all boxes at no additional cost.  The shredded material and cardboard are baled and shipped to a paper mill for recycling.

Secure Document Shredding
Purges/One-time Clean Outs

Purges are a scheduled, one-time service used when a client no longer needs to retain confidential documents.  The Paper Predator can safely shred the materials on-site or off-site at our plant.

Off-Site Shredding

This a highly secure, low-cost alternative to our on-site shredding service.  Certified drivers pick up your locked containers containing confidential materials and place them in a large, locked container.  The containers are secured in a locked truck and brought directly to our plant to be shredded.  These documents will be shredded within 48 hours.  The shredded materials are baled and shipped to a paper mill for recycling.

For added security, video cameras are located throughout our plant for constant, high-tech video surveillance to guarantee our client's documents will be safely and securely destroyed.